Me in 2012 Kinda ironic I start this blog exactly ten years later in 2021.

My name is Shad DeHart, I am a front-end web developer/designer/photographer from Athens, Ohio. I have been A Professional Cosmetologist for the last ten years. Below are images of some of my work. I love putting a smile on a person’s face and brightening their day. 

 I really enjoyed the work I did but my injuries have led me down a different path… And allowed me to follow my dream of becoming a web developer.

I have dreamed of becoming a web developer since my first interaction with a website. An injury from a car wreck on my way to work one morning has left me unable to do the work I once did, I was a passenger in a car that was T-boned by a snow plow. Long story short I am adapting to my new way of life, since I cannot work, how I once did I am learning to adapt. Recently I decided to follow my dream and learn Web-development so I could build websites from scratch. And possibly use my new skills to keep putting smiles on people’s face’s. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I found something I am passionate about! 

I was born in Portsmouth; Ohio and I went to over 44 different schools across the U.S. from kindergarten until my sophomore year of high school. My sophomore year of high school I was sixteen and was expelled for an entire year for assault on a teacher. It sounds a lot worse than it was all that happened was he grabbed me from behind and I did not know who it was so I blocked his hand off of my shoulder and he pressed charges for that. That incident allowed me the freedom to do something that most 16 year old dont even think of. Journey across the United States of America.

Journey Across The United States of America!!!

A life event that I will never forget is the time I hitchhiked across the United States. I was sixteen years old and full of piss and vinegar. My stepfather who has recently passed told me that when a man is old enough to retire, he usually doesn’t feel as healthy as he did all the years he spent working. His point struck a chord in me and the summer of 92, I decided that I wanted to see the west and just so happened I had been expelled from school that year, for assault on a teacher it sounds a lot worse than it was the only thing that happened was I blocked his arm off my shoulder when he grabbed me from behind because my pants had holes in them lol…

I owned a Volkswagen van with a pop-up top at the time. Loved that old van, I was also working at a local restaurant that summer and I had saved a little cash back, but not enough to do what I was planning. I asked my uncle and best friend at the time if they would be interested in going out west with me. My uncle definitely was in but my buddy wasn’t so sure it took a few days to talk him into going with me. I did not want to go by myself! I would love to add some of the photographs from that trip but they where all burned in a house fire.

Standing Rock!!!

Shad’s Shadow at Standing Rock, 2016

In 2016 I went to Standing Rock, North Dakota and supported the tribes from many nations on the Lakota Sioux Reservation. The people gathered from all over the world to stand in solidarity against the Dakota Access Pipeline.  The tribes gathered at Standing Rock to try and stop a natural gas pipeline from bulldozing what they say are sacred sites to construct a 1,172-mile pipeline. The tribes also wanted to protect the Missouri River, the primary water source for the Standing Rock Reservation, from a potential pipeline malfunction.

Amy Goodman, from Democracy Now was on the ground. This footage was the deciding factor for me to go and support the Tribes.

Learning to Learn Again

Enough about me it is time to finely dive into sum Web development/design/photography and Intelligent code.