Bootstrap Navbar Tutorial

Three Fundamentals we can not forget!!!

Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework designed to make building responsive websites much much easier and save time when your in a crunch. Bootstrap has all kinds of components that you can grab up and drop into your websites, such as navbars, carousels, cards, drop-down menus, buttons, customized form elements and many many more. Bootstrap also has a grid-based layout system. By using the grid structure for page layouts, your websites will work on all devices- from smartphones to desktops and anything in between.

Save Time With Bootstrap Navbars

I want to focus on the benefits of using the bootstraps navbar compared to writing out your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for your sites. When I first started out I had a rough time understanding a few of the important fundamentals when creating my webpages and sites from scratch. I was lucky enough to find a mentor who helped me start learning how to learn again. First I bought his book off of amazon for I believe it was twenty bucks and from there I bought his premium web development courses from As I combed thru the book with a fine tooth comb and simultaneously worked thru the course material on I started connecting the dots and things came together.

The navbar gave me a real headache in the beginning of my journey and when I reached the chapter in “Web Design Start Here” by Stefan Mischook about bootstrap I was over joyed I could literally create a responsive fully functional, across any device navbar, in less than five minutes. I am going to make a video and put it under this paragraph today or tonight and show how fast you can create a navbar for your site if your are a beginner or just in a crunch and need to save some time on a project.

DeHarts Web Design | Bootstrap Navbar Example of how fast it can be…

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